fashionately IV: cardigan weather

sunglasses: vintage store in ashland, oregon
braided headband: knit by yours truly :)
plaid shirt: unknown
cardigan: value village
green denim levi's shorts: f as in frank
socks: sears
shoes: spank shoes
canvas bag: urban outfitters

an ode to my new favorite headband that i knit all by myself! if you're wondering, i purl-knit 3 individiual pieces, braided them together then knit the ends to make it into a circle. it fits nice and cozy on my head, definitely one of my favorite diy pieces!

lazy adventures

march 26, 2011


for the men

The three things a guy should wanna change about his girl is her last name, her address and her viewpoint on men.

Kid Cudi

fashionately III: too early for nachos

chambray shirt: salvation army
wool sweater: value village
denim skirt: pac sun
ripped tights: diy
thigh high socks: sears


fashionately II: ellebay

march 27, 2011

spontaneously dragged my dad to grad dress central a.k.a columbia street in new westminster. wanted something easy to take on and off as i anticipated a day full of trying on dresses so i slapped on a summer dress and paired it with tights and long socks to give it a spring look (also cause it's still not warm enough outside) and grabbed my favorite go-to reversible parka.

shoes: winners
long socks: sears
peacock dress: h&m
necklace: f as in frank
reversible jacket: unicorn country, value village

after going through all the boutiques on columbia street in new west, my last stop was this cute boutique called ellebay. i had been waiting for the shop to open as i knew from the shop window, the style was exactly what i was initially looking for - classy vintage-inspired looks with a modern twist in cremes, ivories and pale pinks and greys. tried on some beautiful dresses that i adored but the prices were not necessarily out of budget but something i was expected to pay for two dresses.

anyways, if you didn't know - i people-watch. but more often, style-watch. i always check out what other people are wearing/their style and of course, their steaze (style with ease) and co-owner of ellebay, gabrielle bayona, was definitely not short of that. initially talking to her mom, i couldn't help but notice from the corner of my eye that she was 1) gorgeous and 2) had great steaze. absentmindedly admiring her long socks-purple tights-green dress combo, she asked me if she could take some pictures of my outfit for her blog. caught off-guard and extremely flattered, i agreed (in shock, might i add) and awkwardly posed for her. i must admit, i wanted to pretend like i wasn't used to trying to take pictures of myself to showcase my outfit (which i am totally guilty of) yet still natural.....harhar.......thus resulting in the photos above and below = unbelievably awkward HAHA.

looking back, i have no idea why i was so awkward talking about my thrifting (actually yes i do - awkward is my life) when in fact, i love the fact that i'm able to find some great pieces for cheap. i guess i was a little intimidated at her sleek style. luckily she shared my same love and till now, all i can think is that she would be a great girlfriend to go thrifting with!

anyways, peep her blog here.
great steaze and sweet girl! must admit, i am jealous she co-owns her own boutique!


fashionately I: lazy saturdays

march 23, 2011

shoes: value village
plaid shirt: zara
cardigan: value village
jeans: bdg, urban outfitters



Really puts things into perspective...

#prayforjapan #prayfortheworld

Wear RED and WHITE on March 17th to show your love for Japan. Click this to join the Facebook event.


theatre magic

"The strange power of art is sometimes it can show that what people have in common is more urgent than what differentiates them. It seems to me it’s something that theatre can do, but it’s rare; it’s very rare."

John Berger

the pain will never go away

I was (and still am) on this high where I thought no one could touch me. And as much as I hate to admit it and as much as I want to deny it, you did. Even if it was just a little. Not that I am at all in the same state you left me in or the same me for that matter, but it still.. hurts. Not in that heartbreak-heartache kinda way anymore, but more like a that's always gonna be there sorta hurt. Cause you see, that heartbreak-heartache shit was a different me. I've changed since then. And I'm changing every goddamn day and that's why I'm not bitter. Cause I get it. I get that feelings change, I get that people change. I've been there. I am there. But no matter what, because I am human, because I have the ability to feel and hold memories... shit will still hit me like the first time it did. Never the same but always just as hard. And all I can say is, fuck. Not fuck you. Not fuck me. Not fuck life. But just.... fuck.

Fuck because the first cut is always the motherfucking deepest.

Fuck because someone with age and experience on their side told me, "Yeah... the pain never really goes away. And the worst part is that it hurts that much every single time it happens."

Everyone's gotta go through it once, your first real heartbreak. And no matter how it happens, what happens or how you deal with it, life goes on. And, you don't regret it. You acknowledge and appreciate the rawness and realness of what happened and you move on. Because it all happens for a reason in God's plan and there will always be another one. You learn from the last and each time you grow. You raise the bar for yourself and for everyone else because you learn more and more about your worth; what you deserve, what you want and what you don't. And you'll just know when that is that. Because from that bar you both reached, you just continue to grow and set new ones.

It's that moment when you find them and you think, "It always feels like there is just one person in this world to love - and then you find somebody else. And it just seems crazy that you were ever worried in the first place."

So I'll probably stumble across him one day. He will surprise me as all the others did at those times where I just stopped. I stopped looking. I stopped wanting, needing and just stopped. That is when he'll find me.

So for now, I'm too busy loving myself and everybody else. For that is the love that will always conquer the pain that will never go away. My love.


currently: high

high on life.

so many things to be thankful for and blessed for. today/tonight was AMAZING to say the least.
  1. got conditional admission to the university of victoria!!!!!!!!!
  2. i get to just play and be with some amazing people which are my cast
  3. the show tonight was the best yet, AMAZING
  4. i got to see some of the most important people in my life who enjoyed something i truly care and worked so hard at, MUCHO LOVE
  5. and i get to do it all again TOMORROW AND FRIDAY
thank you God for these everyday blessings. i am high off life, off love, off You.