fashionately II: ellebay

march 27, 2011

spontaneously dragged my dad to grad dress central a.k.a columbia street in new westminster. wanted something easy to take on and off as i anticipated a day full of trying on dresses so i slapped on a summer dress and paired it with tights and long socks to give it a spring look (also cause it's still not warm enough outside) and grabbed my favorite go-to reversible parka.

shoes: winners
long socks: sears
peacock dress: h&m
necklace: f as in frank
reversible jacket: unicorn country, value village

after going through all the boutiques on columbia street in new west, my last stop was this cute boutique called ellebay. i had been waiting for the shop to open as i knew from the shop window, the style was exactly what i was initially looking for - classy vintage-inspired looks with a modern twist in cremes, ivories and pale pinks and greys. tried on some beautiful dresses that i adored but the prices were not necessarily out of budget but something i was expected to pay for two dresses.

anyways, if you didn't know - i people-watch. but more often, style-watch. i always check out what other people are wearing/their style and of course, their steaze (style with ease) and co-owner of ellebay, gabrielle bayona, was definitely not short of that. initially talking to her mom, i couldn't help but notice from the corner of my eye that she was 1) gorgeous and 2) had great steaze. absentmindedly admiring her long socks-purple tights-green dress combo, she asked me if she could take some pictures of my outfit for her blog. caught off-guard and extremely flattered, i agreed (in shock, might i add) and awkwardly posed for her. i must admit, i wanted to pretend like i wasn't used to trying to take pictures of myself to showcase my outfit (which i am totally guilty of) yet still natural.....harhar.......thus resulting in the photos above and below = unbelievably awkward HAHA.

looking back, i have no idea why i was so awkward talking about my thrifting (actually yes i do - awkward is my life) when in fact, i love the fact that i'm able to find some great pieces for cheap. i guess i was a little intimidated at her sleek style. luckily she shared my same love and till now, all i can think is that she would be a great girlfriend to go thrifting with!

anyways, peep her blog here.
great steaze and sweet girl! must admit, i am jealous she co-owns her own boutique!

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