Thank, you. See you in May y'all.

tomorrow is a new day

I don't believe in new year's resolutions anymore because why wait a whole new year to change and improve yourself? Why can't you thrive and make goals for yourself every new day? So... it's just a coincidence that tomorrow happens to be a new day AND a new year. Regardless... I'm only focusing on three things.
  1. Eating healthier,
  2. Praying more often and better, and
  3. Doing what I love - with a large focus on photography.
Simple enough. I'll let other goals come into play when they need to. However, now that I think of 2011, there are actually a lot of things for me to look forward to...
  • 2+ months full of Theatre Temp, Shakespeare, lines, scripts, late night rehearsals, at school on pro-d's and weekends, hummus, pita, fruit, veggies, tea, Tentatsu sushi, green tea ice cream and Subway
  • Crazy Student Council antics
  • Late night cotillion practices
  • Prom/debut weekend = death
  • Graduation
  • Sun
  • Spain and Italy in August
  • University
A lot can happen in 365 days; life changing stuff even. I can't even remember that far back into 2010 to reminisce and thank it, so heck... why live in the past? Here's to the next 365.

Here's to a new day.


talk the talk, walk the walk

No, not THAT talk. The talk. Y'know, the talk.

The talk that was always in conversation but at the same time, was never really in conversation. The talk that gets brought up every other talk and the times it isn't being talked about it, it's being talked about in your head.

The talk about, the future.

It's frustrating/annoying yet enlightening/comforting to be given advice on it. Frustrating and annoying because I don't want to hear everyone else's thoughts on my own future that has yet to be told. But at the same time, the advice is enlightening, as it always gets me thinking and comforting because they care.

I like this. I like that. I don't like this. I don't like that. There are if's, but's, um's, and maybe's everywhere along my "at-this-very-moment plan" which brings me to one conclusion: I. Don't. Know. I don't know anything for sure. Plans change. Degree's change. Paths change. What I do know is that this talk... is finally becoming an actual talk.

And next thing I know... a walk.


the final push

Last day of school tomorrow and I'm hopefully on my last all-nighter (for homework) of 2010. Geo project due tomorrow and English assignment. I WILL FINISH YOU BOTH. Gotta pull off a Christmas Celebration for the whole day tomorrow too and somehow have the Food Bank finally pick up our dozens of boxes of food donations! (Good job btw, Temp!) But after that, I get to join with everyone else already enjoying their Christmas break and maybe even get a sense of FREEDOM.... at least for a little bit.

This break, I plan to:
  • start memorizing my 43593213 lines for Hermia
  • do the French project avec Jessica asap </3
  • start new knitting projects!
  • attend 345493 christmas get togethers
  • make last minute christmas cards
  • family bond for hours
  • pick up my neglected baby and spend some quality time (my Nikon)
  • relax and rejuvenate

Just need to survive the next 14 hours and I can officially be freeeeeeeee. 



early morning ramblings IV

i want to get off the roller coaster

Finally got out of a bad place. Paid the consequences and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed in myself. But it's a new term; taking this as a wake up call. A motherfucking slap to the face is what this is. Yeah, no one believes I can handle my shit.. the shit I have now taken on. But I'm sorry that you see my release of emotions as weakness. I'm sorry that you think I cry things out because I'm weak. I'm sorry that I'm so willing to shed a fucking tear out of my human body. But hey, how I look at is... I'm BRAVE enough to cry. I'm SMART enough to let what I'm feeling out. And I'm SORRY if you don't think I can hold my ground. Every time, I get stronger... once I hit these lows... it's only UP from here. Like a roller coaster. But I'm tired of riding it. It's the same high and the same low everyfuckingtime. I just want some balance.

BRB... determined to find it.