the final push

Last day of school tomorrow and I'm hopefully on my last all-nighter (for homework) of 2010. Geo project due tomorrow and English assignment. I WILL FINISH YOU BOTH. Gotta pull off a Christmas Celebration for the whole day tomorrow too and somehow have the Food Bank finally pick up our dozens of boxes of food donations! (Good job btw, Temp!) But after that, I get to join with everyone else already enjoying their Christmas break and maybe even get a sense of FREEDOM.... at least for a little bit.

This break, I plan to:
  • start memorizing my 43593213 lines for Hermia
  • do the French project avec Jessica asap </3
  • start new knitting projects!
  • attend 345493 christmas get togethers
  • make last minute christmas cards
  • family bond for hours
  • pick up my neglected baby and spend some quality time (my Nikon)
  • relax and rejuvenate

Just need to survive the next 14 hours and I can officially be freeeeeeeee. 

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