talk the talk, walk the walk

No, not THAT talk. The talk. Y'know, the talk.

The talk that was always in conversation but at the same time, was never really in conversation. The talk that gets brought up every other talk and the times it isn't being talked about it, it's being talked about in your head.

The talk about, the future.

It's frustrating/annoying yet enlightening/comforting to be given advice on it. Frustrating and annoying because I don't want to hear everyone else's thoughts on my own future that has yet to be told. But at the same time, the advice is enlightening, as it always gets me thinking and comforting because they care.

I like this. I like that. I don't like this. I don't like that. There are if's, but's, um's, and maybe's everywhere along my "at-this-very-moment plan" which brings me to one conclusion: I. Don't. Know. I don't know anything for sure. Plans change. Degree's change. Paths change. What I do know is that this talk... is finally becoming an actual talk.

And next thing I know... a walk.

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