tomorrow is a new day

I don't believe in new year's resolutions anymore because why wait a whole new year to change and improve yourself? Why can't you thrive and make goals for yourself every new day? So... it's just a coincidence that tomorrow happens to be a new day AND a new year. Regardless... I'm only focusing on three things.
  1. Eating healthier,
  2. Praying more often and better, and
  3. Doing what I love - with a large focus on photography.
Simple enough. I'll let other goals come into play when they need to. However, now that I think of 2011, there are actually a lot of things for me to look forward to...
  • 2+ months full of Theatre Temp, Shakespeare, lines, scripts, late night rehearsals, at school on pro-d's and weekends, hummus, pita, fruit, veggies, tea, Tentatsu sushi, green tea ice cream and Subway
  • Crazy Student Council antics
  • Late night cotillion practices
  • Prom/debut weekend = death
  • Graduation
  • Sun
  • Spain and Italy in August
  • University
A lot can happen in 365 days; life changing stuff even. I can't even remember that far back into 2010 to reminisce and thank it, so heck... why live in the past? Here's to the next 365.

Here's to a new day.

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