early morning ramblings IV

i want to get off the roller coaster

Finally got out of a bad place. Paid the consequences and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed in myself. But it's a new term; taking this as a wake up call. A motherfucking slap to the face is what this is. Yeah, no one believes I can handle my shit.. the shit I have now taken on. But I'm sorry that you see my release of emotions as weakness. I'm sorry that you think I cry things out because I'm weak. I'm sorry that I'm so willing to shed a fucking tear out of my human body. But hey, how I look at is... I'm BRAVE enough to cry. I'm SMART enough to let what I'm feeling out. And I'm SORRY if you don't think I can hold my ground. Every time, I get stronger... once I hit these lows... it's only UP from here. Like a roller coaster. But I'm tired of riding it. It's the same high and the same low everyfuckingtime. I just want some balance.

BRB... determined to find it.

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