say what you need to say

catching up with an old friend the other day and somehow it came up that we both agree: people who hate everything and say "fuck the world" just aren't interesting. they're boring. sure, anybody appreciates the honesty of someone who doesn't care about what other people think, step to the beat of their own drum but people who simply don't care about ANYTHING are lame (for lack of a better term).

it seems like the ones who matter the most lately, are the ones who just don't seem to get it. i care. and sure, maybe a little too much sometimes but, i like joining a million clubs on top of my schoolwork. i like coming home late knowing i spent my day productively. i like being independent. i like being ambitious and putting myself out there. i like apologizing when i'm wrong/make a mistake. i like putting others first before myself. i like caring about things like the environment, people and how your day is going.

"it's okay to make mistakes though as it forces you to reflect on your personality."

i'm sitting here reflecting for the past 2 days and nights and just feel like i can't seem to do things right. i take in what everyone else is feeling and i bring those things straight to my heart. and those things in my heart, i care about with all i can. you can say something's wrong with me... depressed, even. but it's because i care. about things. about my friends. about my family. i care and maybe a little too much...

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