Come out to the Cultch today to see me awkwardly grace the stage at Ignite! Youth Festival's Word Night.
It's $2 so no "I'm broke" excuses allowed!

Disclaimer: After much push from my friends on the Youth Panel, they convinced me to finally spontaneously audition and made it. I am by no means any sort of "Spoken Word" artist... as I described myself in my bio online, I'm coming straight from the confinements of my room and praying to God that you enjoy some of what you can make out of my 2 am ramblings. I am scared out of my mind (even as I write this promo which I strategically put up the day of) because this is something I have kept private all these years. But I suppose if you want a good laugh, come catch me in the show! And when I say laugh... I don't mean because I am comedic in any way...


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