"Hi, my name is Camille."

I word vomit as you can see from my last post.
It's because I think a lot, so bare with me.
But to summarize my last post...

Yes, I have dreams and aspirations of what I want to do with my life. Who doesn't? This includes doing all of that humanitarian and social work. But my thinking is, that if I'm that passionate about it - what I do in school shouldn't matter. Because if I love that kind of work enough, I will always find a way to stay true to it and go back to my roots. Knowing myself, in whatever I end up doing, I will always find a way to twist things to my liking. Because ain't nothing wrong with wanting to make a living out of doing something "professionally." And that's where Architecture comes in. For those who know me, it might be a shock but it's not I dream that I've made public prior to such a revelation. It's been more of a private, personal dream. Probably because, I didn't think I could do it before. I was intimidated, to say the least. But I don't feel that way anymore. So yes, I'll be trained and educated in how to make skyscrapers and design fancy buildings. But whose to say, that I won't use this education to design educational facilities in third world countries? Whose to say that I won't go back to the idea of what I might want my NGO to be, which is rehabilitating communities after natural disasters. Whose to say I won't use my skills as an architect to team up with like-minded changemakers to re-build a city for the better?

The more I look at being that "Entrepreneur" and "Changemaker" vs. being an "Architect," I can't help but have both of them resonate with me. I spoke with a counselor from Capilano University today, who (of course) was recruiting me to go to her school even as a UBC Graduate and she said, "Whatever choice you make, it has to be YOU who is happy with it. Your decision must resonate with you because it is you who is going to be putting in the work." And she's right. I still don't know what I want to do for my next 2 years, but whose to say that Camille the "Entrepreneur/Changemaker" and Camille the "aspiring Architect," can't be one the one in the same?

I mean... they're both Camille.

"Hi, my name is Camille. I'm....


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