spring break 2011


- debut practice x3
- ivy's surprise birthday party, food + pll + taboo(team #1 wins! boo ya) + truth or dare (LOL)
- dad's birthday
- hour late for wyd meeting for vancouver participants (embarrassing)
- sleepover at cousins' place
- random adventure with cousins: delta>burnaby>downtown>yvr
- awkward photoshoot at yvr/watching planes
- sleepover again, watched hercules in hd
- watched sucker punch with noelle, hill, jay, david, melissa, jesse +others "i am good listener"
- rush home because mark comes to my house an hour early (fail)
- debut practice in the sun
- late night jam session with nic and kuya, harmonizing never-ending medleys and talk-singing hakuna matata
- early morning debut practice, chilling outside in the sun (thank you God)
- last saturday night practice (too many people at my house before i even get home LOL)
- random outing to new west with dad, starbucks and grad/debut dress shopping
- met gaby bayona at ellebay, new thrifting buddy!!
- debut changes, new developments
- michael's with mom, yarn and ribbon!
- bought grad dress :$
- finished individually making all my invitations
- finished knitting my knit braided headband
- foundations with hillary = good ol' catching up time
- started and finished knitting a bow tie!!!!!
- biking around english bay/vancouver and gelato with connie
- debut practice + "yours-mine-ours" game with cousins and steven "WAIT, you AREN'T filipino?" + sleepover with cousins, ayy
- COD with kuya and steven ...... "i can see how this is so addicting"
- supervisor interview at playland....... worth a shot hahaha
- debut practice + chilling in my room laughing at stupid youtube videos with noelle, david and kayla
- 2 pm mass + baby julliana's baptism + reception with the gloria's (always LOLS)

with the preview of the sun every other day, this break only made me want summer even more. chill, laughs, sun with the homies and family. i can't wait till i simply have no care in the the world - literally. it was nice to worry about something other than school/extra-curriculars for once, which was my debut in this case. got to invest the time it needs and things are well on their way. it's smooth sailing from here. obviously i'm still going to/have to invest the proper time into my school work but it's the last term of high school EVER. major events that seemed so far away before are only weeks away and i can't wait. in one weekend, i have prom and my debut. then only a couple weeks later, i graduate. i walk across the stage, get my diploma then dance the night away. sure, there'll be finals which will be a total bummer but after that, all i really need to do is an english provincial which will probably happen a week after grad then I'M DONE. no summer school, no worries. by then, i'll know where i'm gonna be going in the fall and all i'll be doing for june and july is relaxing and working to make some extra cash. then for all of august, i'll be in europe and if all goes well, getting back to vancouver 2 days before university starts. it's a non-stop ride from here and i'm riding first class all the way till the end.

excited for what's to come. new chapter, i'm ready for ya'

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