song of the day: more of this

felt like summer today. had the most overwhelming time getting everyone out of my house because all my friends were critiquing my outfit :( HAHA SO MEAN (guess it makes sense for a jerk to have jerk friends). had a super tedious and boring training session for working the elections then met up with the gang at granville island. "find the half naked asian man doing magic" and ran into lasheeka!... bought a frisbee and put it to good use at a park in false creek. played ultimate HAHA "how is he so goood!!!" "don't even need to put D on David cus he's probably gonna drop it anyways" walked the sea wall and met up with noelle... walked to pho on broadway from science world. then did some jigs in front of a random coffee shop to some dope live music.

great day with great people.

definitely want more days like this

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