theatre magic

Even if a picture means a thousand words… this one and the memories along with it will always leave me speechless.
Theatre Temp, you the love of my life.
I am truly blessed to be able to experience a love like this.

Feeling pretty nostalgic as it's been my friends' play week this week and with one ending tonight and the other drawing to a close tomorrow... I can't help but know exactly how they feel. Mind you, I've somewhat been living vicariously through them because poor ol' me, never had the "I MISS THEATRE TEMP" quite hit me post-production. But now, being reminded of some things... I can't help but feel compelled to address something.

Despite our differences as individual theatre programs... it's neat to see that no matter what company/production you're in... Us "theatre kids" have this elusive "thing." This "thing" is just untouchable. This became clear when I met up with the St. Pat's gang earlier today at Oakridge during their break. For one, the huge clump of high schoolers blocking the entrance to the White Spot could be seen as either a rather odd grouping of people (to those who may know them) or to the trained eye... a family. Looking from the outside in and knowing how it felt to be in that odd clump myself, it was kinda weird as I swear it was like a mirror image of the several Theatre Temp clumps in the Film Studio. As I tagged along, I started to get an inside peak at only the tip of their group's own set of traditions. As I joined in on the galivanting along 41st, making trucks and cars honk at us; it was like deja vu as I felt like I was belting out songs on Commercial Drive just yesterday. Traditions and antics that seemed unique to each group are really just all the same; reflections of each other. Which brings me back to that..."thing." This "thing" is something that we all share. We have our own variations of it but that cool elusive thing that only us theatre kids get to experience...is that magic. It's those single spurts of pure magic that you only notice in hindsight. Looking back, what was it that made you jump on your stage manager's back in the middle of a crowded mall? What was it that made you give that guy you saw in the hallways half of your sandwich? It's... that magic. Simply put. You don't notice it in the moment. But it's that weird crazy indescribable power that being in theatre has. And I think that's why so many people love it. Not before they do it, but during it. At one point, that magic inspires each and everyone of us and gives us that single thought of, "Wouldn't it be neat... if I did this for the rest of my life?" And those who act on it, it just keeps being reflected into the next person. Because, the only way you can have that "theatre magic" is well.... with magic.

before i forget some of my own moments of magic...
  • spontaneous bad romance dance party on stage
  • oo, i feel so good
  • what it to do?
  • hugging everyone 9213209721367 times
  • mount lumpy
  • mr. c 
  • "the pain does go away"
  • company bow
  • raise your glass
  • circle of hands
  • just you > lovers' > cast family
  • "these hands depend on you and you depend on them so GO BIG or GO HOME"
  • faerie-related accidents
  • moss exams
  • faerie time care package
  • ...and many more exclusive to only... me ;)

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