early morning ramblings II

health vs. school

I'm on the pursuit but it's tough. I'm trying to push myself harder but my body won't let me. These headaches are forcing me to sleep earlier and wake up even earlier. I fell asleep at 10 o'clock tonight with the plan of just taking a 2-hour nap before I kept going. But next thing I know, my mom's telling me to wake up at 3 instead so I get in at least 5 hours. 2 hours of math later, my head hurts again and I feel dead. 3 hours to finish a Comparative Civilizations presentation. Seems easy enough, but it's my body that won't let me. It wants to rest, take care of itself... have a break. I know myself too well that if I sleep now, I'll never wake up. I have to ace all o' dis. I have to do my best. I have to graduate. I have to get into universities. I have to.

But when will I know when enough is enough? When will I know that this is my limit and just accept it?

Reminder to self: You can't go to university when you're dead.

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