So, I used to think that my favorite season was Summer. On paper, the season was/is perfect; no school, sun all day (theoretically), and good times all around. But with Summer's perceived perfections comes high expectations and quick assumptions. We all look forward to our Summer. We create plans for it and have a general idea of how it's going to turn out. And almost every single time, we're wrong. We never really know how it turns out in the end. Whether it exceeds our expectations or doesn't reach its peak, Summer never is what we originally hoped it to be.

But now, why I think I like Autumn more than Summer is the fact this year, it was unexpected. The coldness of Autumn was like a shock to the nerves I forgot I had. It surprised me and is still surprising me everyday. Everyday I meet Autumn, feels different from the last. But at the same time, it just feels so... right; almost natural. In what seems to be forever, I am simply letting the leaves fall where they may (and they have taken quite the pattern).

They say, no two Summers were ever the same. But why can't we apply that to Autumn? Each time it hits, it's different. Frankly, it's refreshing to feel completely in sync with a season. My nights are comfortable and my days feel brighter than any Summer day I could think of. Summer just feels the same all day-round. Warm; which of course, has its benefits but who doesn't like freezing hands and warmer drinks once in a while?

Anyways, thanks for sneaking up on me Autumn. Who knows, I just might start calling you... Fall.

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