every actor has his secrets

in this case, every actress has her secrets.

acting is about truth. we all have our own takes of what a character is like. there was once a famous director who always asked writers, if there was one person (dead, alive, fiction, or non-fiction) that the character they created would be, who would it be? not simply because he was going to take that person and imitate their actions for no one could ever really do that. he asked because this served as a model. a mold to which an actor could simply put his or herself in to see what the words the character says tastes like. tastes like in their own mouth. the information said is not what makes up the character. it is about asking what kind of person talks like this? what kind of person uses these particular words to express what they are feeling. acting is about truth. if we simply played the words and not the action, there is no truth behind it. there needs to be a genuine intent to say what the character says, do what the character does, and feel what the character feels. acting is not about taking on the body of somebody else. it is about locating that character within you thus forming another arrangement of you. acting is about truth. why you say or feel things a certain way is exclusive only to you. your director, your fellow actors, the audience... no one needs to know what you are thinking when you say something. why you start fiddling with your fingers, why you feel heavy on one side, why it feels like you can't even hold up your chin, why you say "o me" the way you do.

every actress has her secrets.

i am hermia.

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