i saw the sein

George: *looks at woman at the cash register .. "You think she's happy?"
Jerry: "Who?"
George: "The Cashier"
Jerry: "Ruthie Cohen?"
George: "You know her name?"
Jerry: "Sure"
George: "I don't think I've ever spoken to her"
Jerry: "Maybe that's why she's happy"

Maybe so, Jerry. Maybe so.

The debate between, destiny and free will can go on and on and on. How do we know if the cashier is happier without meeting George. How does George know that? If he doesn't say Hi to her, it might me ruining his destiny. What if not saying hi to the cashier IS his destiny? What if saying Hi to her is his destiny? It's too big of a subject, no one wins, but we all live. And we should live, in balance. - God is Love

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