always up cus my mind doesn't know when to give me a break

It's always the wee hours of the night where I finally decide that I have done nothing and it is now time for sleep when I can't. Everything and anything pops into my head and I hate it because I just wanna sleep and forget about all of it.

- I hate that things aren't going my way.
- I have so many things to do for Grad Transitions....tedious.
- Should really get to my supplemental applications.
- Opening night is in 3 weeks. I need to be off-book by Friday.
- I feel like everything is working against me. Everything just feels like a struggle.
- I wish I had my Nikon back </3
- I need to order Artona pictures.
- I have a Math test on Monday that I have no confidence in writing.
- I am embarrassed.
- I am scared.
- I am tired. More so than usual.
- I really hate the song choice for the opening sequence, I am not gonna lie.
- I am nervous about certain people.
- Even the closest person in the world to you will never fully know you. Everybody has their secrets.
- Fake it till you make it.

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