top of my game

as much as i don't quite have the grades that i would love (100% in everything, please and thanks)... i'm feeling good. i've been on top of my game by doing my best to not fall behind in anything, doing my homework and actually participating in class. who knew. and not only that, but i am so excited to work hard and reap the benefits. instead of going home before rehearsal for my usual double-block nap, i stayed at school and did 3 hours of math. mind you it was agonizing but it felt good to have it finished and not have to put it into my bag at the end of the day. with my newly acquired free time, i now have the freedom to take it easy tonight as i theoretically left my scheduled rehearsal, half an hour late but an hour earlier than my usual end time (for now). tonight's events consist of reading ahead of my script and taking notes from Saliani's book (author) about my lines.

feels good to be on top of my game.
i got this so far.

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